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Utilizing GEMA™-Lead360

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GEMA™-Lead360 is structured in a way that evaluates the general task of work, by integrating into a "whole" the actual work task, the work relations task and the work self-expressiveness task. For each of these basic tasks, we have the freedom to choose our goal direction. Integrating all three produces SYNERGRATION.

These choices are based on the decision we make to strive for individualistic self-elevation ("Self Above Service") or useful organizational contribution ("Service Beyond Self"). A feeling of encouragement or discouragement ultimately results from the choice individuals make. More importantly, individual and organizational performance is greatly influenced by this choice.

"Self Above Service"
  "Service Beyond Self"
Entitlement Contribution

Choosing work activity that contributes usefully toward goals demonstrates an interest in organizational contribution and is encouraging. Striving in work for the purpose of achieving entitlements alone leads to ultimate discouragement.

Domination Cooperation

Choosing to relate cooperatively with others as equals forms an encouraging belonging with them. Choosing to relate to others with domination, in the service of self-elevation, leads to discouragement.

Withdrawal Connection

Choosing to connect with others from the creative and significant self is the most elementary form of courageous self expression. To withdraw from others in a defensive "safe-guarding of self" leads to further discouragement.

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"You cannot change your mind without knowing your mind.
You cannot know your mind until you can speak your mind,
and your speech brings the private [sense] into the commonsense world.

-Jane Griffith and Robert L. Power
Life-Style: The Psycho-Clarity Process


"Grass Roots" Change

GEMA™-Lead360 is an instrument that creates "grass roots" change. Individuals are required to "speak" with a self-assessment and this "speech" is brought into the "commonsense" world with assessments from boss, peers and directs reports - or any other respondent groups that can be identified. 

Organizational transformation can only truly occur at the local level and deeply in the culture of the organization, at all levels of the organization. One problem with market reactive change is that it is usually too slow, as it is making an effort to adapt to market changes. Sometimes, when market adaptations have been completed, the market has already changed.  Executives interested in making quick and immediate changes in direction find that their efforts coming from the "top down" meet with defensive maneuvers that exist in the body of the organization, sometimes referred to as the "deep system."  GEMA™-Lead360 is an instrument that creates "grass roots" change for adaptability and flexibility.  As GEMA™-Lead360 is a repeated measures device, rather than a "splash in the pan" change effort, it fosters the communications, cooperation and attitude toward contribution needed for effective and continuous adaptability.  Individual change toward effective leadership behaviors is clearly the key in creating positive, overall organizational change.  GEMA™-Lead360 creates individualized feedback information where there is a contrast between self perception and how the perception of the group, in the service of useful connection, cooperation and contribution. The entire organization is positioned to progress positively when each individual is encouraged to increase his or her level of connection, cooperation and contribution.  Simultaneously, each individual is  made aware to decrease useless behaviors, such as the striving for personal entitlement, interpersonal power-oriented domination or the quiet vanity of withdrawal.

"Root Purpose Analysis"

Human behavior has purpose; it is not "caused."  The culture of an organization, at its very soul, is experienced by the people who go there for a purpose.  Among the many reasons includes the desire to be useful.  This purpose of usefulness can be better guided in the task of work when encouraged toward the purposeful behaviors of connection, cooperation and contribution. GEMA™-Lead360 encourages a shift in perspective in the "deep system" both in terms of how the individual may perceive him or herself and how each is perceived by the group. Each member of the organization chooses behavior based on a personal "apperceptive schema." We learn new information by perceiving it and yet, we match it against what we already know and what we have already experienced.  As new events occur, we perceive them in accord with conclusions and convictions we have already created out of our history.  Our memory has purpose and it is often more convenient than accurate.

New information is accepted, rejected or modified in a way that is in accord with the meaning of life we have already created. GEMA™-Lead360 is an instrument that analyzes the self-perception in contrast to the perception of the group, which is our "social reality." There is usually a discrepancy between our self-perception and that of the group.   GEMA™-Lead360 encourages a narrowing of this gap in the direction of connection, cooperation and contribution. For those members in the organization who are making efforts to overcome an exaggerated sense of inferiority by striving for entitlement, domination or withdrawal based on their own private logic, GEMA™-Lead360 encourages a movement toward constructive goals within the organization namely, connection, cooperation and contribution. Those who experience an insufficient sense of being part of the group are encouraged to join the community of Courageously Creative Contributors within the organization, given the GEMA™-Lead360 feedback .

GEMA™-Lead360 encourages an overall atmosphere where each organizational member relates to every other member with a sense of respect, dignity, openness and desire for useful contribution. The "real work" of an organization is emphasized as interpersonal conflicts are reduced by reducing the incentive to strive for entitlement, domination or withdrawal. In this sense, GEMA™-Lead360 encourages all members of the organization to become unique creators and interpersonal distributors of the value brought to the organization in the form of skills, aptitudes and talent. GEMA™-Lead360 significantly alters the interpersonal context of an organization at the grass roots level. Simultaneously, GEMA™-Lead360 strongly encourages individual initiative and expressiveness, individual cooperation with all others, and individual contribution in line with the goals of the organization.

In the spirit of increasing the number of Courageously Creative Contributors in an organization, there will be an increase in openness, process commitment, action, and execution.  Individual self-confidence results when consequences of courageous actions are experienced in a supportive organizational context.  "Root purpose analysis" has more value, in this context, than "root cause analysis."

Building Bridges; Not Pyramids

"Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds." 
SEAL Team Saying

GEMA™-Lead360 alters the flow of communication from "vertical" to "horizontal" channels. This effort builds bridges; not pyramids.  Creating cross-currents of communication without threatening the organizational structure enhances the responsiveness to all organizational issues. GEMA™-Lead360 assists in the creation of a culture where information is shared and not used as a source of power for those committed to the authoritarian structure. What one can contribute in cooperation with others grown out of individual expressiveness becomes valued.  Those who retain knowledge in the service of their own entitlement and power are discouraged from doing so. Those who seek to formalize the authoritarian structure in a way that protects their own self-interest move against the organizational goals of connection, cooperation and contribution. The "common purpose" communicated by the organization allows for each member to freely contribute in an atmosphere of useful interdependence. Artificial boundaries are torn down within groups and between groups. Suspiciousness and distrust, that is so costly among organizational members, is replaced with respect, trust, and interdependent communication. 

In this regard, much of the theoretical underpinnings of GEMA™-Lead360 is based on the work of Drs. Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs.

In order for feedback to be effective, it must be accurate and persistent. GEMA™-Lead360 is a repeated measures device where positive optimal behaviors are encouraged and negative behaviors in line with the goals of withdrawal, domination and entitlement are discouraged. When members of an organization are encouraged to take risks, there exists the ever present opportunity for failure. It is not helpful to punish failure. However, there needs to be swift and certain consequences for inadequate and lazy execution or an unwillingness to recognize the reality of the business situation. This is also true with interpersonal behavior as striving for entitlement, domination and withdrawal can be discouraged and connection, cooperation and contribution can be encouraged.

GEMA™-Lead360 creates the feedback loop that is fundamentally important in creating organizational culture shifts toward an environment conducive to learning. This feedback powerfully reinforces the skills and behaviors for organizational learning.

Without this constructive feedback, connection, cooperation and contribution behaviors are not recognized and therefore do not "compete" favorably with self-interested behaviors aimed at optimizing personal outcomes for the short term. GEMA™-Lead360 is the "governor" that attenuates rampant and destructive competition motivated from intense self-interest. Individuals properly "compete" to increase useful contributions without competing at the expense of "all others."


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