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Google recently published an internal sudy of their Googler Teams and published the results.

Main take away is:


Who is on a team matters less than how the team members

interact, structure their work, and view their contributions


                          Five key dynamics include:

                                                                               Psychological safety  (most important)


                                                                               Structure and clarity

                                                                               Meaning of work

                                                                               Impact of work


These key dynamics are assessed by GEMA™-Lead360 in terms of LifePsych characteristics of Connection, Cooperation and Contribution.


Psychological Safety, deemed the most important and at the base of all else, is not the antithesis of accountability. Instead, having high psychological safety and high accountability puts you into the Learning Zone which is critically important if you have a work situation that requires worker interdependence and high uncertainty.


Innovative products and processes are created from the "collective genius of the group."   The purpose of effective teamwork is to create these products as a result of creating the Organizational Transformation Process with GEMA™-Lead360.  Harness the power of diverse ideas.


"Teamwork" is seldom created effectively with group training alone. Even the best seminars and workshops do not effectively modify the deeply ingrained "private logic" of those committed to the sole pursuit of self-interest.


      "Private Logic"


At the “core” of each person resides a dynamic process known as “private logic” which is the goal oriented reasoning invented by a person influenced from a caldron of impulses, memories, feelings, beliefs and thoughts. People are both self-motivated and self-regulated by this process. While most people are only dimly aware of this process, the greater awareness one has of this “private” process the better one can proactively adapt to the current environment. Enhanced awareness is best created by authentically interacting with others and such conversations allow what is a “private sense” to become “common sense.” Adlerian "Style-of-Life" Meditation is a functional way to access your unique "private logic."



High-Performance teams that produce "teamwork products" are created by encouraging individual team members to make choices related to: Connection, Cooperation and Contribution.  As a repeated measures device, behavioral "movement" is detected and individuals are held accountable for such movement.  We cannot move to two directions at the same time.

Maslow coined the word “Eupsychia” to describe a fictional culture that might result if a large group of truly self-actualized humans were allowed to flourish on an isolated and sheltered island. On a more practical level, the term “enlightened” is more recognizable and includes leadership actions that move all of us toward psychological health both in and out of the work environment.


Along similar lines of thought, a LifePsych® Team is one where all members are making an effort everyday to be more Connected, more Cooperative and more Contributing to the mission of the team. Welcome to LifePsychia!


GEMA™-Lead360 is an instrument that, with professional feedback and coaching, can provide alternative behaviors for those inclined toward "Self Above Service." Alternatively, higher levels of productivity result when teammates focus on "Service Beyond Self."

There are positive and negative Consequences of Goal Choice for all teammates.  Striving for individualistic self-interest at the expense of the team may, at times, provide for short-term success.  Over time, organizations that foster both courageous behavior and collaborative mutual respect will be successful.

Creating Collaborative Leadership along with Courageous Contributors is the ultimate purpose for GEMA™-Lead360. It also functions to assist in the development and maintenance of a "psychologically healthy" workplace.



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