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Work task:  Goal of Usefulness

Although Collaborative Leadership methods have been known for years, the compelling purpose behind the rapid movement toward the understanding of and growth of Collaborative Leadership is our national desire to purposefully and successfully compete in a world of global democratization and economic capitalism. With the fall of communism, an additional one-third of all humanity (two billion people) has been embraced into Democratic capitalism and they will freely compete with us. Effective organizations have always been the economic building blocks of our nation and civilization. Striving for useful contributions leads to organizationsl success.

"No one can exhaust his or her desire to be useful" is a well known quote from Rudolf Dreikurs. 



Relations task:  Goal of Belonging        

Collaborative Leadership emphasizes friendliness toward associates and the need for cognitive, emotional and behavioral education with respect for each organizational member. Such a need can offfset our need for individualistic significance. We all have a need to belong and do poorly when isolated or rejected. All of the interpersonal skills learned in such an organization can be generalized to relations outside the organization and in the community at large. From organizations, to communities, to cities, to our nation and our international community - there is no limit to the usefulness of organizationally developed social interest in solving our economic problems.



Self task:  Goal of Significance

           Each associate in the organization can be honored with respectful consideration and the encouragement of individual growth and development. This can include negative consequences in the presence of irresponsible behavior as a teaching device. The self task is mostly a private one, requiring the courage to "be" and not “seem to be,” to create a vision of the future, to make choices that enable that vision, and to learn from what works and what doesn't and move forward. The associates’ creation of a unique life-pattern is greatly influenced by the adult members of the family through modeling and guidance methods. Later in life, mentors in organizations can continue (or re-direct) the modeling process. The self task includes the mind, body and spiritual task of searching for meanings beyond our knowing and sharing the experience with others. To assist associates in the development of the self task, is to contribute an encouraging experience for them and is also experienced as a personal expansion of leadership competence. Our individualistic need for belonging can be integrated with our need to stand out as an individual success story.


Becoming aware of one's deeper goals is not easily accomplished. One method is to use:


Adlerian "Style-of-Life" Meditation





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