Process Benefits

Create Collaborative Leadership Styles
Create a Bully-Free
Create a Psychologically Healthy and Profitable Workplace and Contribution
Reduce the Destructive
Effects of Conflict
"Happiness" and Emotional
Intelligence (EI)

LifePsych® Self Score List - Page 1


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1.  You view yourself as “all knowing” or “all powerful” and wish to rule over others.
(Ruling Entitlement)

2.  You promote the attitude for treating others as equals.
(Equality-seeking Cooperation)

3.  You tend to avoid ordinary life activities.

(Indifferent Withdrawal


4.  You masterfully lead a meaningful life into the future.
(Leading Contribution)  

5.  You seek power and control of others while being stubborn and inflexible.
(Power-seeking Domination)

6.  You express positive energy toward ordinary activities.
(Enthusiastic Connection)

7.  You arrogantly brag about your own accomplishments as being superior to others.
(Egotistical Entitlement) 


8. You tend to be patient and encouraging of others.

(Encouraging Cooperation)


9.  You act as if you cannot relate to others or you seem uncaring of others.
(Insensitive Withdrawal)

10. You are accepting of your useful efforts regardless of outcomes.
(Benevolent Contribution)  


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