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"Assess group capabilities"


"Understand who you have and how to improve contributions."


"Deploy assessment program

Link results to performance

Use data to target training

Create a predictive model for success


Cost of not knowing capabilities results in lost opportunities"

-Matt Kelly


"Effective leadership is a relationship rooted in community.  Successful leaders embody their groups most precious values and beliefs.  Their ability to lead emerges from the strength and sustenance of those around them."

-Lee G. Bolman and Terrence Deal

Leading with Soul:

An Uncommon Journey of Spirit

2001 *

"What they [ Positive Organizational Scholarship psychology academicians ] have discovered is that there is an interconnected ecology of relationships found in the most successful organizations:  Companies that cultivate an environment that allows for peak individual performance are rewarded with peak company performance.  They have been able to show that qualities like creativity, integrity, trust, optimism, and teamwork have a profound impact on productivity, customer retention, and product quality."

-Chip Conley

Peak: How Great Companies

Get Their Mojo from Maslow

2007 *

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