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Organizational and Individualized Assessment Tool
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Connection, Cooperation and Contribution
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Selection, Innovation and the "collective genius" of the group

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence*

Social Savvy Boosts the Collective Intelligence of Groups*

Groups with Good Social Skills Outperform the Merely Smart*

Selection for Continuous Improvement

Select People who "LOVE" Their Jobs

Hiring as Science, Not Just an Art

Get a professional 360-degree evaluation of yourself and everyone else in top management*

Selection and Change Management:

Without the strong leadership, your change efforts will fail to meet your desired results*

Selection and "Conflict Competent" Leaders:

Understanding the "Bad Apples" in Organizations*

“Don’t hire jerks, no matter how talented”*

Selecting for an Innovative Climate

FedEx Leadership Characteristics

Understanding the Art of Innovation Leadership*

"Silo busting" has become crucial for success *

Selection for Improved Collaboration:

"Era of Collaboration" from a former President of the American Psychological Association *

Communities of Practice are a good example of Contemporary Teams *

Selection for Authentic and Courageous Leadership:

Benchmarking can greatly Improve Selection

Tech firms begin hiring execs with ‘softer’ skills *

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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360