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"More and more business scholars and consultants are making the intangible of relationships and the human spirit more tangible and many successful companies are leading the way with respect to how they reorganize themselves to pursue both profits and happiness."

-Chip Conley

Peak: How Great Companies

Get Their Mojo from Maslow


"I believe that synergy is an actual perception of a higher truth, of a higher reality, which actually exists and that the development over into synergy is like the development from becoming blind to becoming seeing."

-Abraham Maslow

Eupsychian ("Enlightened") Management


"The business of transforming a human being is not a  simple process.  It demands a certain optimism and patience, and above all the exclusion of all personal vanity, since the individual to be transformed is not in duty bound to be an object of another's vanity.  The process of transformation, moreover, must be conducted in sucy a way that it seems justified for the one changed."

-Alfred Adler

Understanding Human Nature


"The holistic concept of the person presupposes that behaving is purposive, that individuals determine their own direction - neither as victims of heredity nor of environmental influences; neither slaves to mind, emotions, or body.  It is not a relationship of mind over body, since both are mere abstractions and under the direction of individuals who use all their qualities and resources for their own end."

-Rudolf Dreikurs

Fundamentals of Adlerian Psychology


"You can alter your thoughts, and so alter your condition.  Strive to perceive the vastness and grandeur of your responsibility."

-James Allen

Above Life's Turmoil



"It's about what I call enlarging the workplace.  People grow through learning and I guess that is what I tried to do in my factory.  Offer a place where people could grow."

-Andrew Kay

Kaypro Computers

Non-Linear Systems


"Effective leadership is a relationship rooted in community.  Successful leaders embody their groups most precious values and beliefs.  Their ability to lead emerges from the strength and sustenance of those around them."

-Lee G. Bolman and Terrence Deal

Leading with Soul:

An Uncommon Journey of Spirit


"What they [ Positive Organizational Scholarship psychology academicians ] have discovered is that there is an interconnected ecology of relationships found in the most successful organizations:  Companies that cultivate an environment that allows for peak individual performance are rewarded with peak company performance.  They have been able to show that qualities like creativity, integrity, trust, optimism, and teamwork have a profound impact on productivity, customer retention, and product quality."

-Chip Conley

Peak: How Great Companies

Get Their Mojo from Maslow



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