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Have you ever been a member of an outstanding team? Many of us have not. All the forming, norming and storming tricks seem to fade over time.


So why does that happen? Most team building efforts fail to assess and redirect the fundamental psychological goals of team members.


So how does Radical Teaming do what is difficult to do, using the GEMA™-Lead360 assessment tool?


Radical Teaming ensures that . . .



  • Each teammate is assessed and exposed to radical accountability by teammates to promote engagement in specifically defined behaviors that are anchored to specific psychological goals.


  • Each teammate is assessed by every other teammate and encouraged to improve by making a conscious effort to Connect, Cooperate, and Contribute more than the previous day.


  • Each teammate is encouraged to intentionally put additional energy into the Community task, resulting in more team stability.


  • Each teammate is held accountable for reducing behaviors related to Withdrawal, Domination, Entitlement, and Individualism.


  • Each teammate is encouraged to continuously participate in a LifePsych® Coaching process designed to promote the creation of innovative teamwork products and services.


Radical Teaming is the opposite of extreme self-interest, characterized by radical individualism leading to chaos.


Radical Teaming does not require that teammates become friends. Having friends is important but has a different psychological goal - that of belonging. Radical Teaming does require that each teammate become engaged in Connection, Cooperation, Contribution and Community to be useful. The psychological goal of belonging is satisfied by engaging relationships outside of work, while the psychological goal of being useful is fulfilled by engaging in productive work efforts with others. 


While it is a fortunate happenstance that a teammate simultaneously might become a good friend, this is not a requirement for Radical Teaming. Consequently, we choose to effectively work with others even though we might not "like" them. We can be friendly without being friends. This understanding nicely creates the solution for the inevitable interpersonal conflict found in the workplace. While maintaining the dignity of our personal preferences, we can radically include everyone with Radical Teaming behavior.


Maslowian psychology, created by Abraham H. Maslow, is known for “enlightened” management methods. Maslow coined the word "Eupsychia" to describe a fictional culture that might result if a large group of truly self-actualized humans were allowed to flourish on an isolated and sheltered island. On a more practical level, the term “enlightened” includes leadership actions that move all of us toward psychological health, both in and out of the work environment. Maslow postulated a human tendency where, despite all the obstacles, there is a “little voice” inside each of us that consistently calls us to “be all you can be.”


Inspired by Maslow, GEMA™-Lead360 coined the term “LifePsychia” to describe Radical Teaming as a LifePsych® team culture. By embracing this team culture, following the assessment and redirect suggestions, each team member makes a deliberate effort every day to be more Connected, more Cooperative, more Contributing and with more Community energy than the day before.


GEMA™-Lead360 measures these behavioral dimensions and movement toward or away from the goals of self-significance, interpersonal belonging, work usefulness, and community stability. In addition to a "self" assessment, each teammate evaluates every other team member using the multi-rater 360 format. Specific behavioral suggestions are made for each teammate that always includes the reduction of some behaviors and the strengthening of other behaviors. This feedback process is very straightforward and employs the "Radical Candor method."



GEMA™-Lead360 is a "Pre" and "Post" assessment instrument that measures "movement" of individual teammates and groups toward constructive interpersonal engagement. Additional scoring representations document the specifics of this movement.



It is preferable to create organizational or team specific norms. However, American national norms are used when specific norms are not established. National norms are based on "Pre" scores from a variety of organizations in a variety of industries over many years. However, as is true for all assessments results based on national norms, they might not sufficiently represent the norms of a unique group.



The dynamic origin of Connection, Cooperation, Contribution and Community tasks are detailed by reviewing the Four Situational Realities and the Matrix.




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