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Organizational Transformation Process

supporting a


LifePsych® Learning Organization


that produces


Innovative Teamwork Products


as a result of


Radical Teaming



An Organizational Transformation Process is energized with GEMA™-Lead360 because it provides the feedback necessary for each individual to make positive and constructive choices, motivated from within, as a participant in an atmosphere of Radical Teaming. This transformation supports a LifePsych® Coaching and the development of a "learning organization." Because GEMA™-Lead360 is a repeated measures instrument, useful choices are continuously encouraged, supported and can be monitored by repeated assessments. True success for any training activity is determined by the creation of long term results and GEMA™-Lead360 promotes improved organizational effectiveness continuously over time. This is a distinct "continuous improvement" process leading to better business results in the context of a learning organization and the creation of a "psychologically healthy" workplace.

Anyone can choose to be a part of this movement. Anyone can choose this way of being a part of the whole enterprise in a meaningful way. Anyone can choose to become a:

"Courageously Creative Contributors"


engaged in a


LifePsych® Learning Organization


GEMA™-Lead360 propels the developmental movements from "Team Building" to Radical Teaming that creates Innovative Teamwork Products, which are the creative contributions fostered by "Organizational Performance Improvement." As a result of increased success, an effective selection process is useful to hire or promote team members who are more ready and willing to develop into Courageously Creative Contributors as part of a learning organization. Ultimately, the synergy of this integration forms the foundation of Collaborative Leadership in a context of trust and respect.

The "energy source" for "teamwork products" (such as safety, quality, productivity and profitability) is teamwork behavior based on the tasks of Connection, Cooperation and Contribution, leading to highly functional Community energy.

Feedback provided to team members influence the choices they make in the future. Ambitions for personal entitlement, interpersonal domination and social withdrawal tend to interact with each other negatively, resulting in feelings of deeper discouragement. Ambitions for connected communications, interpersonal cooperation and useful contribution tend to interact with each other positively, resulting in stronger feelings of encouragement.

"Courageously Creative Contributors" are therefore encouraged to do more and tend to encourage others in the organization to do the same. The "product" of choosing to be courageous is a deeper sense of confidence. As was demonstrated in the case study below, improved communications for supervisors improved their leadership skills, relative to others in similar positions.

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