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"Law of Movement"



"Two Points of a Line"


You cannot move in two directions at one time.


Either you're moving toward "Service Beyond Self" with a


Courageous and Respectful Attitude


or you're moving toward "Self Above Service" with a


Reckless and Disrespectful Attitude.





        GEMA™-Lead360 is a "Pre" and "Post" assessment and measures behavioral "movement" with the "Post" assessment. People are capable of demonstrating "movement" in one direction or the other but are incapable of moving in both directions at the same time.


         Alfred Adler conceptualized the "Law of Movement" defined as an individual's unique, innovative and creative movement, by making choices, from the sense of incompleteness, feelings of inferiority, or being "less than" toward a vision of fuller completion and unacheivable perfection.




                "It is essential for this understanding that we compare at least two phenomena which are separated by as great a time as possible and connect them within a unified behavior pattern. This particular device has proven itself very useful; it enables us to gather a whole mass of impressions and condense them, by systematic arrangements, into a sound evaluation of character."

- Alfred Adler

Understanding Human Nature




        On the GEMA™-Lead360 assessment, such perfection would be shown on the above graphic as a 100% score on "Encouraged" and a 100% score on "Service Beyond Self" which has never been attained by anyone who has ever been asssessed.


        The choice is clear: move toward a healthy Connection, Cooperation and Contribution or move toward an unhealthy Entitlement, Domination and Withdrawal.




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