What is GEMA™-Lead360?

Organizational and Individualized Assessment Tool
Leadership Definitions
Connection, Cooperation and Contribution
Innovative Teamwork Products
Special Features

Special Innovative Features:


  • Instrumentally creates Radical Teaming

  • Generate Innovative Ideas from the "Collective genius of the Group"

  • Energize all teamates to contribute

  • Inspire increased teammate interaction

  • Build a contributing teamwork synergy

  • Derived from the Four Situational Realities Matrix


Four Situational Realities - LifePsych® Foundations



"The Matrix"





Additional Special features:

GEMA™-Lead360 Can:



Discourage the striving toward individualistic entitlement over team members as a source of success. Encourage useful contribution in line with organizational visions as a source of individual success.
Discourage disrespectful domination and control used for the purpose of demonstrating power over others. Encourage interpersonal cooperation and mutual respect at all levels of the organization.
Discourage isolation, distrust and withdrawal as team member behaviors

Encourage interpersonal expression, connection and trust at all levels of the organization.


This Innovative Assessment Will:

  • Build, maintain and grow a connected, cooperative, and contributing teamwork synergy.
  • Energize all associates to make visible contributions beyond the boundaries of their immediate assignments.
  • Provide associates feedback that is difficult to give and provide a follow-up measurement of interpersonal leadership development.
  • Harness the "collective genius of the group" by helping team members create unique teamwork products.
  • Inspire increased interaction and leadership behavior in those who tend to be more withdrawn and inexpressive.
  • Identify entitled and uncooperative attitudes while encouraging all associates to connect, cooperate and contribute.

Advantages of 360 Degree Assessments

  • Maximizes each associate’s contribution to organizational success by directing specific behaviors to be in line with organizational visions.
  • Detects those with advanced leadership potential allowing the developmental process to begin sooner.
  • Enhances the credibility, validity, fairness and accuracy of competency based teamwork performance information.
  • Helps individuals understand how his or her behavior affects others and directly addresses the need to change specific behaviors.



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