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Organizational Transformation
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Detect "Outliers" with an
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Create organizational
specific norms!

GEMA™-Lead360 is a Repeated Measures Device

Detect movement toward:

                                    Connection, Cooperation, Contribution and Community


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GEMA™-Lead360 scores are reported:


Your personal Feedback Report booklet contains all the score representations listed above. The Leadership Development Guide (LDG) is a 102 page description of the model and how to best understand the meaning of your scores supported by 27 annotations. In addition, there are tools in the LDG that assist in the planning and execution of more effective leadership behaviors. This LDG corresponds to the "Professional Growth Process and LifePsych® Coaching" workbook, available as a 224 page eBook.

The Consulting Manual for GEMA™-Lead360 is a set of articles that provides a technical guide designed for those interested in the deeper issues of the instrument's development and theoretical underpinnings.  The Consulting Manual includes topics such as: Model Development; Four Situational Realities; Consequences of Goal Choice; Classical Leadership Patterns; Collaborative Leadership Styles; Internal Structure; Technical Concepts; Assessment Issues; Theoretical Roots; Validity Correlations; and Suggested Readings. The Consulting Manual is primarily used for training Human Resource professionals and other qualified consultants who become certified in providing GEMA™-Lead360 feedback.

Performance results are impressive. Connected, cooperative, contributing and community behaviors create positive performance results, as well as a psychologically healthy workplace.

"If you don't know where you are going,

you'll end up someplace else."

-Alfred Adler


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