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Organizational and Individualized Assessment Tool
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Organizational and Individualized Assessment Tool


"Courageously Creative Contributors"



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The "Goal Evaluation and Matrix Analysis Leadership 360"

(GEMA™-Lead360) is not a "test."


          It is an individualized and multi-rater survey of behaviors that will provide participants with constructive feedback and enhanced awareness, which will enable all team members to improve their leadership choices, producing a collaborative work environment with an abundance of creatively courageous contributors.


Four uses of GEMA™-Lead360:


  • Assessment Instrument:  used as a self and multi-rater assessment instrument designed to encourage and detect behavioral movement toward connection, cooperation and contribution.
  • Communication Medium:  used to graphically represent scores in a way that contrasts self-perception with the perception of respondent groups.
  • Evaluation of Change Method:  used as a repeated measures device designed to assess the consequences of intervening activities and behavioral change over time.
  • Applied Research Tool:  used to correlate behavior change to any other quality indicator of production or service.


            Courageously Creative Contributors in a "learning organization," embracing the principles of Collaborative Leadership, are grounded on interpersonal trust.  Relying on the judgments of others moves each member out of their own “private logic” and into “common sense.”  Trusting in “others” and “self” allows for the exchange of experimental initiatives and the creation of a shared sense of confidence.  Such risking also allows the group to act “as one” and the organization is in a position then to adjust by the encouragement of connection, cooperation and contribution at all levels.  Collaborative Leadership that encourages the creation of change and self-renewal will be encouraged or discouraged by the willingness to embrace change by members who value individual innovation, creativity, resilience and flexibility.  Courageously Creative Contributors demonstrate a form of self-reliance and tenacity that understands you earn what you deserve and deserve what you earn.  It is understood that the fundamental realities of our existence, which include inferiority feelings, isolation and anxiety are solved through connection, cooperation and contribution.  Individual success comes from within and courageous contributors generate to the synergies for organizational success.


              Useful contributions cannot be sustained without the support of cooperative relations with others.  The expression of self for the Creatively Courageous Contributor is not a purely altruistic act.  Connecting to yourself has no meaning until you become courageously expressive.  The individual experiences a sense of empowerment based on basic desires for competence, meaning, self-determination, and a wish to “make a mark” in contributing to society as a whole.  The Courageously Creative Contributor searches for a connection, cooperation and contribution to something that goes beyond the self where service to others moves beyond self-interest.  By establishing faith in connection, cooperation and contribution, all organizational members are in a position to learn from each other and Creatively Courageous Contributors become collaborative leaders for the purpose of collective learning in the organization.  Ultimately, the result is the creation of a "psychologically healthy workplace" where all teammates can flourish.

            "Group norms" can be created in the "Pre-assessment" allowing for the assessment behavioral "movement" on the "Post-assessment."



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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360