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Leadership Definitions

GEMA™-Lead360 works best when the "business unit leader" begins the process with a personal and 360 assessment. This might be a CEO, EVP, General Manager or anyone in the organization that has specific P & L responsibilities. If the organizational leader is unwilling to embrace the collaborative vision influenced by this tool, it is unlikely that a successful cultural movement will take place.

Cross-enterprise leadership behaviors encouraged by GEMA™-Lead360 are fundamentally based in the prospect of assisting all associates in the organization toward fulfilling their individual potential while simultaneously, expanding their collaborative effectiveness. GEMA™-Lead360 is an assessment tool that will create an organizational context where people are encouraged to exercise their natural tendency toward empowerment, provided the organizational environment stimulates and encourages this movement. Those who choose this way of participating in the organization are courageous contributors, which may be observed in a form of courageous leadership behavior. Sustaining the environmental context that nurtures this empowerment aacross various enterprises of any business is dependent upon each individual understanding that his or her success in work will be dependent on adding value for internal and external customers.

With the assistance of GEMA™-Lead360, courageous leaders are in a position to create a context where each person will be encouraged to relate to each other as equals, which is the basis for an improved connected, cooperative and contributing group dynamic, and successfully negotiate the future of work and the changing organizational designs. Courageous leaders will be expected not only to participate in generating more useful process designs, but also create an environmental context where people with abilities unique to the process itself can collaborate, thrive and experience a robust feeling of usefulness in work.

Leadership is also about gathering people who have useful knowledge, providing them with opportunities to make constructive choices based on available options and the experience of direct consequences for the outcomes. Rather than the discouraging aspects of the more authoritarian or hierarchical management structure, Collaborative Leadership creates the environment that encourages associates to express their internal motivations in ways that free them to perform, using their unique set of skills and talents.

Collaborative Leadership Styles

GEMA™-Lead360 strongly encourages people to move closer toward their potential and, as a result, expand this potential. The most general definition of Collaborative Leadership includes activity where all components of enterprise business activity are gathered and directed toward organizational success, which means meeting customer satisfaction in the service of shareholders. Stakeholders in this process usually include employees, customers, shareholders and vendors.

"Courageously Creative Contributors" Help Teammates Succeed

For courageous leaders, leadership activity is really providing a context for the exchange of knowledge, much of which is untapped inside the "private logic" for each team member. Leadership is the creation of an interpersonal environment where individuals share useful knowledge across all business enterprises and experience the innovative and productive consequences of the result. Therefore, knowledge only has value in the context of such action and accountability for the result. When organizations provide this context and provide a means for individuals to gain feedback about their current level of functioning, individuals are more likely to grow in maturity and competence.  As a great side benefit, associates experience and psychologically healthy workplace.

On many occasions, exposure to GEMA™-Lead360 feedback has had a profound and positive impact for individuals regarding work contribution, respectful relationships and the integrity of self.

"When a person learns how he or she seeks to find his or her place in life, and how this process relates to current concerns and functioning, that knowledge provides deep understanding and enables the person to make far-reaching changes."

-Eva Dreikurs Ferguson
The Journal of Individual Psychology, Winter 2001


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