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David L. Hanson, Ph.D.
Consulting Psychologist
Phone: (206) 687-7372
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LifePsych® Coaching



LifePsych® Coaching engages clients holistically in the areas of:


           Providing                           (Work)


           Partnering                      (Adult-Adult Relationship)


           Parenting                           (Adult-Child Relationship)  


           Personalizing            (Self-Significance)


     Premonitioning  (Master Your Future)            





If a LifePsych® Coaching engagement is agree to, arrangements are made for the first session and a review of the coaching contract. Face-to-face sessions are preferred but remote teleconferencing sessions are possible. Engagements outside of the Seattle area can be arranged provided travel costs are reimbursed. 


The first LifePsych® Coaching session sets the stage for the assessment, planning and developmental goals. The second session is three to four hours long but counts as just one session for the quarter. Dr. Hanson believes it is very important to get off to a great start. Details of the coaching arrangement will be created and an initial growth plan created using the Professional Growth Process (PGP) and the LifePsych® Coaching (LPC) method designed specifically to orchestrate the continuous development of each coaching client.


Following the initial session and the four hour session, there are an additional 4 sessions to be completed in the next 3 to 6 months which are 50 minute sessions over the telephone or with teleconferencing. Dr. Hanson engages coaching clients in time periods, six sessions per 6-months, and charges $3000.00 each 6-month period (which includes a three hour session as one session, each 6-month period. It is preferred that this longer session be conducted face to face.) If six sessions are not completed in the first six months, the remaining sessions can be spread out over the second six month period. Ultimately, the goal is for the client to beocme a "Self-as-Coach" participant in no need of Dr. Hanson's guidance, although he is available for addditional consultation is desired. Other assessment tools may be used if agreed to in the coaching contract. All engagments require an "Engagement of Services" statement.


GEMA-Lead360 assessments for individuals and groups are administered in the context of a LifePsych® Coaching arrangement. A "stand alone" assessment costs $500.00 and includes a 50 minute coaching session to better understand the scores. Prior to this administration, clients are advised to engage the free "Leadership Checklist" to determine if the full GEMA-Lead360 administration is desired.


Organizations, businesses and teams that engage Radical Teaming are offered assessment packages that are detailed in a Statement of Work (SOW).


Pre-payment is required per quarter by sending a check to Synergistic Psychology Associates, PA, 4616 25th Avenue NE, Seattle, Wa 98105-4183 or paying via credit card through an invoice sent via email.


Time reserved agreement requires 24 hour notification via phone, text or eamil ahead of time for cancelled appointments. Should Dr. Hanson violate the 24 hour agreement, the following session occurs without charge or a credit is applied to the next quarter.


Phone: 206-687-7372



For individual and team environments, the GEMA™-Lead360 administration includes a personal Scores Booklet and the "self-guided" Leadership Development Guide (LDG).  The LDG contains a description of the model; an explanation of the scores; assessment worksheets; and a behavioral analysis that will plan specific behaviors to strengthen, the success of which can be assessed in the "Post" assessment.  This personal and private assessment can give you the insight needed for positive career and teamwork growth. 


GEMA™-Lead360 results are presented in a personal scoring booklet with numerical scores and color graphics.  See "Example of Score Representations."


Similar scoring representations are used for the following assessments:


GEMA™-Lead360            - Leadership / Teaming Behavior

                   (Free: Leadership Checklist)


GEMA™-Couples360     - Partnering Behavior

                    (Free:  Couples Checklist)


GEMA™-Self360              - Self significance Behavior

                    (Free: Self Checklist)


GEMA™-Teacher360     - Teacher Behavior

                     (Free:  Teacher Checklist)


GEMA™-Parent360        - Parenting Behavior

                    (Free:  Parenting Checklist)


GEMA™-Teen360            - Teenager Behavior

                     (Free: Teen Checklist)


GEMA™-Child360           - Child Behavior

                     (Free:  Child Checklist)



 (For LifePsych® Parent coaching, Dr. Hanson uses the Positive Parenting Process (PPP) and the LifePsych® Coaching format.)








"The hardest thing for humans beings to do is to

know themselves and to change themselves."

-Alfred Adler

Understanding Human Nature



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