What is GEMA™-Lead360?

Organizational and Individualized Assessment Tool
Leadership Definitions
Connection, Cooperation and Contribution
Innovative Teamwork Products
Special Features

Contents of the Consulting Manual  (Excerpts)



What is the "Purpose" of a Model ?

Resistance to Change

GEMA™-Lead360 Model

A.  Synergistic Model Development

Four Situational Realities

"The Matrix"

B.  Leadership Development

Organizational Transformation Process

Collaborative Leadership Development Tasks

Collaborative Leadership Styles

Leadership Systems Comparison

"Horizontal" and "Vertical" Planes of Movement

C.  GEMA™-Lead360 Development

Internal structure of GEMA™-Lead360

Special Innovative Features

D.  Practical Application

Administration and Assessment Issues

Acceleration Toward Usefulness

Developmental Sequence

Maximizing the Impact of GEMA™360

E.  Appendix

Sources of Knowledge

Reliability Studies

Construct Validity Studies

Case Study


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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360