Process Benefits

Create Collaborative Leadership Styles
Create a Bully-Free
Create a Psychologically Healthy and Profitable Workplace and Contribution
Reduce the Destructive
Effects of Conflict
"Happiness" and Emotional
Intelligence (EI)

Reduce the Negative Effects of Conflict


Maximize the Positive Benefits.


Internal conflict is a big reason why good businesses fail.

"When people are engaged in destructive conflict, they begin to pull back, stop sharing information, and take fewer risks. The results can be poorer- quality decision making. Lowered morale and strained working relationships can cause stress and sap employees' energy to focus on being creative and productive."

- Craig E. Runde and Tim A. Flanagan
Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader
Center for Creative Leadership

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is another tool useful in creating awareness of alternative behaviors in conflict situations.

Dr. Hanson is Certified in the use of the Conflict Dynamics Profile
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