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Psychologically Healthy and "Safe" Workplace:

A  LifePsych® Synergy of Commerce and Community


Adlerian Psychology " . . . instructs
in self-understanding, the understanding of others, independence, and
encouragement. Its foremost task is to establish among the
broad masses of the people a firm basis for a sound optimistic view
and conduct of life, promoting the welfare of all."

- Alfred Adler, MD


Consider the following:

  • A stressful and "psychologically unsafe" workplace is reported by 2 of 3 workers
  • Health care expenditures are usually 50% higher for workers reporting high levels of stress
  • Turnover costs related to stressful workplace environments can amount to 10-20% pre-tax income
  • Lower productivity, absenteeism, legal, medical and insurance costs are difficult to estimate
  • Excessively stressful workplaces logically interfere with home and family life
  • Creating a “psychologically safe” environment means that all employees can be encouraged to grow, develop and innovate their capabilities without the fear of being perceived as ignorant, incompetent or inadequate.

Paradoxically, "low stress" is not reported to be a reason employees stay on their job.  Instead, they describe positive features of their work such as interesting work, potential for career growth, supportive co-workers, reasonable compensation and a supportive leadership.  While "healthy workplace initiatives" such as employee involvement and recognition, health and safety, growth and development, fair pay and benefits, among others things are positive contributions, none of these contributions matter much without an encouraging interpersonal environment.  It is not enough just to reduce stress as leaders must also increase the "well-being" and positive atmosphere within the organization.

GEMA™-Lead360 definition of a "psychologically safe workplace" is one that:

  • Honors an individual's basic desire for unique significance
  • Satisfies our basic desire to belong as social beings
  • Empowers our basic desire to be useful and add value

What are the characteristics of a healthy organizational culture that produces exceptional profits? Using the GEMA™-Lead360 model, it is possible to accelerate the creation of trusting and respectful relationships, that results in safety, retention, productivity and profitability by embracing the following characteristics:

CONNECTION, not Withdrawal

  • Listening to others
  • Friendly and warm
  • Encourage diversity of ideas; opinions
  • Decisions made from bottom up
  • Trust develops from authenticity
  • Culture of trust is grown
  • Consistency helps build trust
  • Acts with integrity
  • Creates emotional connections
  • You can "feel" the caring
  • People act courageously
  • Open / honest communications
  • No hidden agendas
  • Direct communications
  • "Safety" concerns unify teammates
  • No defensiveness in response to honest communications
  • Debate does not injure relationships

COOPERATION, not Domination

  • Remove obstacles from tasks
  • Servant-leaders
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Create harmony with each other
  • Watch out for each other
  • Grow as a team
  • Hired for talent and teamwork
  • Encouraged to be "free thinkers"
  • Teamwork creates best solution
  • Synergize the team as a cohesive unit
  • Seek help without an agenda
  • Teammates not surprised by anything
  • People and relationships are primary

CONTRIBUTION, not Entitlement

  • Take the initiative
  • Take ownership of issues
  • Engage rich and challenging experiences
  • Connect to the big picture
  • Increase complex system skills
  • Vision is consistent and repeated often
  • "Root" of success is teamwork and relationships
  • Power to make decisions
  • Learning leadership via modeling,, doing and owning result
  • "True" empowerment; not just words
  • Takes advantage of opportunities
  • Understand difference between "task" and "responsibility"
  • Help others grow
  • Get the information yourself; no spoon feeding
  • Personal responsibility is embraced
  • Ownership of developmental process

A "psychologically safe" workplace is a profitable workplace.

Innovative features of GEMA™-Lead360:

What will GEMA™-Lead360 do?

  • Build, maintain and grow a connected, cooperative, and contributing teamwork synergy
  • Energize all associates to make visible contributions beyond the boundaries of their immediate assignments
  • Provide associates feedback that is difficult to give and provide a follow-up measurement of interpersonal leadership development
  • Harness the "collective genius of the group" by helping team members create unique teamwork products
  • Inspire increased interaction and leadership behavior in those who tend to be more withdrawn and inexpressive
  • Identify entitled and uncooperative attitudes while encouraging all associates to connect, cooperate and contribute

Encourages Positive Leadership:

  • Discourage the striving toward individualistic entitlement over team members as a source of success
  • Discourage disrespectful domination and control used for the purpose of demonstrating power over others
  • Discourage isolation, distrust and withdrawal as team member behaviors
  • Encourage useful contribution in line with organizational visions as a source of individual success
  • Encourage interpersonal cooperation and mutual respect at all levels of the organization
  • Encourage interpersonal expression, connection and trust at all levels of the organization

Advantages of 360 Degree Instruments:

  • Maximizes each associate’s contribution to organizational success by directing specific behaviors to be in line with organizational visions
  • Detects those with advanced leadership potential allowing the developmental process to begin sooner
  • Enhances the credibility, validity, fairness and accuracy of competency based teamwork performance information
  • Helps individuals understand how his or her behavior affects others and directly addresses the need to change specific behaviors.


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