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Communication Flow


              GEMA-Lead360 alters the flow of communication from “vertical” channels to “horizontal” channels.  Creating cross-currents of communication without threatening the organizational structure enhances the responsiveness to all organizational issues.  GEMA-Lead360 assists in the creation of a culture where information is shared and not used as a source of power for those committed to the authoritarian structure.  What one can contribute in cooperation with others grown out of individual expressiveness becomes valued and those who retain knowledge in the service of their own individual entitlement and power are discouraged from doing so.  Those who seek to formalize the authoritarian structure in a way that protects their own self-interest move against the organizational goals of connection, cooperation and contribution.  The “common purpose” communicated by the organization allows for each member to freely contribute in an atmosphere of useful interdependence.  Artificial boundaries are torn down within groups and between groups.  Suspiciousness, that is so costly among organizational members, is replaced with respect, trust, and interdependent communication.



GEMA-Lead360 Feedback


              In order for feedback to be effective, it must not only be accurate, but be persistent.  GEMA-Lead360 is a repeated measures device where positive optimal behaviors are encouraged and negative behaviors in line with the goals of withdrawal, domination and entitlement are discouraged.  When members of an organization are encouraged to take risks, there exists the ever present opportunity for failure.  It is not helpful to punish failure.  However, there needs to be swift and certain consequences for inadequate and lazy execution or an unwillingness to recognize the reality of the business situation.  This is also true with interpersonal behavior as entitlement striving, domination and withdrawal can be discouraged and connection, cooperation and contribution can be encouraged.


              GEMA-Lead360 creates the feedback loop that is fundamentally important in creating organizational culture shifts toward an environment conducive to learning.  This feedback powerfully reinforces the skills and behaviors for organizational learning.


              Without this constructive feedback, connection, cooperation and contribution behaviors are not recognized and therefore do not “compete” favorably with self-interested behaviors aimed at optimizing personal outcomes for the short term.  GEMA-Lead360 is the “governor” that attenuates rampant and destructive competition motivated from intense self-interest.  Individuals properly “compete” to increase useful contributions without competing at the expense of “all others.”



GEMA-Lead360 and Coaching Relationships


              GEMA-Lead360 is an excellent coaching tool as it specifies specific behaviors that can be strengthened and specific behaviors that can be reviewed for extinction.  GEMA-Lead360 links the individual’s private logic with that which is observed from the group and encourages a more useful expression of an individual’s knowledge and experience within the context of a supportive group.  Much more than a behavioral change observed on the surface, GEMA-Lead360 encourages a deep change in terms of values and beliefs with the goal of creating a realignment with what is functionally useful for the organization.  The most fundamental value that is offered for individual review is the movement from the striving of “self above service” to “service beyond self.”  This movement is encouraged in the context of respectful self-development and cooperation with others, and not at the expense of self, nor any others.  




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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360