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Acceleration Toward Usefulness

"You cannot exhaust your desire to be useful."

- Rudolf Dreikurs


              In the presence of organizational success, there is a natural tendency for a drift toward an entitled uselessness and relaxed efforts that do not add value for the customer. Success itself has occurred as a result of maximizing value-adding efforts and minimizing efforts that do not add value and efforts that are wasteful.  Challenges to the status quo through expressiveness are required to continually uncover what is wasteful, useless and less than efficient work efforts.  Individual expertise must grow and each individual must be developed in order to take on more responsibility, leading to fewer “seams” in the overall work effort. 


           The Professional Growth Process (PGP), in harmony with the GEMA™-Lead360, creates an environmental context of connection, cooperation and contribution where individual growth is in harmony with the goals of the organization, which includes expanding the depth and breadth of each position and function. No longer is it useful to tolerate internal competition within the organization for scarce resources, promotions and hierarchical approvals. It is often noted that competitive forces within an organization are more intense than the experience of competition with external competitors.  What a company does best is the basis of how it should compete and the nature of the interpersonal interactions within the organization will determine how successfully it competes.


            GEMA™-Lead360 is designed to powerfully and deeply influence these interactions in the direction of connection, cooperation, and contribution.  The result is the creation of an organization that not only embraces change, but is specifically designed to change.  This can only be accomplished by instilling in the minds of each organizational member an attitude that is consistent with movement, creativity, innovation, risk and deep expressiveness from the reservoir of their talent meeting expression and development within the organization.

              Vanity will stimulate an ambition toward “confident prediction” as a security operation.  A focus on predictions encourages people to be less creative, less open to alternatives possibilities.  Instead, visioning will take courageous people beyond the ordinary.




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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360