What is GEMA™-Lead360?

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            Internal Structure of GEMA™-Lead360



            Clarifying the conceptual structure of GEMA-Lead360, this graphic depicts the abstract relationship relating goal, attitude and intensity.

            “Goal” refers to the choice of living life by demonstrating the value of vanity or community.  This is also stated in the form of “Self Above Service.”           

            “Attitude” is illustrated by the proposition that pursuing the “Self Above Service” goal ultimately leads to discouragement.  On the other hand, “Service Beyond Self” leads to an encouraged attitude as it solicits the support from others and the experience of useful contribution. 


           “Intensity” is assessed in passive and active forms.  The active form is seen in the context of proactive behavior where the passive form is most often observed in the context of doing less, but with an intentional goal.  In this framework, passive and active behaviors are both seen as goal oriented and purposive.



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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360