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              When making observations about the current organizational and corporate culture, it is not uncommon to find an atmosphere characterized by a variety of problematic behaviors.  Included among them are: 

  • Those who avoid responsibility
  • Those who seem to have no commitment to organizational goals
  • Those who avoid decisions for which they might be held responsible
  • Those who feel entitled relative to their associates
  • Those who manage to treat their associates as competitors
  • Those who feel less intense and often bored about work
  • Those who have difficulty identifying with the goals of the organization

           While not all organizations have a preponderance of such attitudes among associates, it is not at all uncommon to find a large number of people in any organization to be unhappy and less than optimally effective with their work.  Most often, this can be attributed to the fact that “obedient and controlled” workers have something else in mind relative to the purpose of work, most notable being that of financial security.  Historically, the managerial and authoritarian management systems exploited this insecurity by controlling, manipulating and exploiting associates for the purposes designed by the executives.


              Overcoming resistance to change means that members will be encouraged to abandon the attitudes and practices that, in many ways, have led to their current success.  Global competition, among other things, has created a climate where no organization can afford to manage associates in a way that not only stimulates their resentment and opposition, but fails to utilize their untapped skills and talent.  GEMA-Lead360, in conjunction with LifePsych® Coaching, encourages expressiveness and initiative and makes the assumption that organizational success and future opportunities will exist where this initiative can be cooperatively focused toward Courageously Creative Contributions. 


              Authoritarian and managerial control systems can create compliance in an insecure work force.  However, such compliance does not stimulate individual commitment to Connection, Cooperation and Contribution.  In fact, when top executives make a concerted effort to lead aggressively, even when their cause and goal makes business sense, the method itself can evoke resistance and opposition as the vanity of the individual associates is challenged.  On many occasions, executives have found that positive and useful ideas can be disarmed by employees due to ineffective implementation. 



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