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There are a number of contextual factors that are important in order to maximize the effectiveness of GEMA-Lead360.  Individual and group “movement” from team building to real teamwork to teamwork products is the desired goal.  While not all of these factors can be in place in every organization, paying some attention to them will allow the impact of GEMA-Lead360 to be maximized. 


              1.  The ultimate goal in utilizing GEMA-Lead360 is to increase organizational performance and profitability, however that is measured.


              2.  Examine the organizational compensation system in such a way as to make sure that it does not conflict with the “movement” goals of GEMA-Lead360.  For example, any compensation system that is highly individualistic may be in conflict with some of the GEMA-Lead360 goals.


              3.  Creating a work atmosphere that truly encourages real teamwork may encounter resistance from those who have been mostly successful with individualistic success striving.  Any training activity prior to the administration of GEMA-Lead360 can be helpful for all participants to understand the transformational shift that is desired and will also assist in understanding the items that comprise the GEMA-Lead360.


              4.  Understand that GEMA-Lead360 is not a stand alone “cure-all” for instilling empowerment and collaboration.  It is a useful tool that effectively communicates a process in organizations determined to instill empowerment and collaboration. 


              5.  With GEMA-Lead360, understand that individual and group “movement” is more important than current scores, because continued growth is encouraged. GEMA-Lead360 is a repeated measures device.  Consequently, while national norms for GEMA-Lead360 are available as guidelines, each organizational context is different and can be used as the reference group.  In addition, the individual serves as his or her own “control” as “movement” is encouraged.


              6.  While “movement” can be stimulated by a GEMA-Lead360 feedback session that outlines choices to be considered by each participant, most will require ongoing coaching and additional workshops to more deeply instill the behavioral changes.  In addition, the compensation system must be in harmony with the goals of this movement.


              7.  Understand that GEMA-Lead360 encourages everyone toward choosing specific “goal behavior” and not mere compliance to a listed set of behaviors.  In return, a deep form of collegiality is created and experienced.


              8. GEMA-Lead360 results are best kept private while providing the results in such a way as to hold each participant accountable toward personal movement.  A “public display” is generally not helpful, particularity for those where significant movements are being encouraged.  Individual score comparisons to the group average are useful and a “coach” is likely to find the results useful.  Of course, the display of “group composite” scores may be useful for individuals to evaluate a comparison with the group norm.


              9.  Organizational change and continuous learning cannot be dictated from “the top” but can be encouraged, directed and measured with GEMA-Lead360.  The entire process can be resisted but the scores overcome this resistance due to the controls for response bias and lack of reliability.


              10.  Teamwork encouraged by GEMA-Lead360 will accelerate connection, cooperation and contributing synergies provided system constraints such as self-promotion, territorialism, empire building and intense self-protection are minimized as organizational goals.


              11. GEMA-Lead360 is useful in training new team members and when any new member has worked in the team long enough, the first assessment will accelerate the process of assimilation into the “teamwork” process.  Because the items are highly behavioral in substance, the post-assessment can be completed by an entirely different group, with reliable results.




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Special features of GEMA™-Lead360