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Striving for "team consensus" is a great way to kill good ideas. Some teams foster intense internal competition where an individual's success is dependent upon depreciating the efforts of others, known as the "depreciation tendency."


Fostering collaboration without consensus is the "secret sauce" for promoting the best ideas to emerge from the group.


Imagine being on a team where you were confident that you, and all of your teammates, were making a sincere effort every single day to be more Connected, more Cooperative, and more of a Contributor toward the group mission.


Eliminate harassing, bullying and selfish workplace behavior.



Welcome to a LifePsychia Team !


GEMA™-Lead360 is a "Pre" and "Post" assessment, allowing for the creation of organizational specific norms in the "Pre" assessment and measuring behavioral "movement" in that organization with the "Post" assessment. We can encourage teammates to "move" in attitude toward more "Service Beyond Self."

Abraham H. Maslow coined the word “Eupsychia” to describe a fictional culture that might result if a large group of truly self-actualized humans were allowed to flourish on an isolated and sheltered island. On a more practical level, the term “enlightened” is more recognizable and includes leadership actions that move all of us toward psychological health both in and out of the work environment.


LifePsychia is a term fashioned after Arbraham Maslow's term "Eupschia" but rather than applied to a fictious group of self-actualized employees on a remote island, a "LifePsychian" group can exist in the here and now with any currently functioning team.




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