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Adlerian "Style-of-Life" Meditation




Critically important for the creation of awareness is the task of becoming deeply aware of one's "private logic." The Adlerian "Style-of-Life" Meditation Process is one way to gain better access to genuine self-awareness.



"Private Logic"


At the “core” of each person resides a dynamic process known as “private logic,” which is the goal-oriented reasoning invented by each person, influenced from a caldron of impulses, memories, feelings, beliefs and thoughts. People are both self-motivated and self-regulated by this process. This “core” is comprised of a person’s unique evaluation of self, others, the world and what is then believed to be required for success in life. While most people are only dimly aware of this process and resulting convictions, the greater awareness one has of this “private” contents, the better one can proactively adapt to the current environment. A lack of awareness leads to the likelihood of being overly influenced by others and one's history.


Enhanced awareness is best created by authentically interacting with others and such conversations allow what is a “private sense” to become “common sense.” Private logic represents our collection of personal convictions and represents our deepest views of self, others and the world we live in. Most importantly, our "fictive goals" reside here and are worth exploring with methods that facilitate deep insights into our consciousness. All of our behavior is goal-oriented toward a self-created purpose. Knowing your purpose allows you to share your purpose with others and in doing so, you'll be more able to help them discover theirs.


Where “Insight Meditation” (Vipassaña in the Buddhist Tradition) is a focus on the “true nature” of reality, Adlerian "Style-of-Life” Meditation (in the Adlerian psychology tradition) is a functional way to access one’s “un-understood” (that which we "know" but remain unaware of) and the “true nature” of your convictions residing in your "private logic."


Life’s difficulties cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them and Adlerian “Style-of-Life" Meditation is a method designed to more deeply access the depth of “private logic,” and make conscious decisions for the future. Happy people are those who help others find happiness and feel more secure.





Each person has a different personality and for Adlerian Psychology, the phrase used to describe this is "style-of-life." The "style-of-life" refers to a person's unique way of operating in the world. It refers to the unique way of feeling, acting, thinking and behaving. It is useful to consider that "behavior" is both behavioral action and the mental processes that accompany it. Both feelings and actions are subservient to cognitions, or thoughts.



Adlerian "Style-of-Life" Meditation Process


Meditation is a dedicated practice for assessing "movement" and paying close attention to consciousness to enhance your awareness of the contents of your "private logic."  In Adlerian psychology, "movement" refers to all behavior, thoughts and feelings. The greater awareness one has of one’s own “private logic” the better one can create proactive adaptations to current challenges or situations.


Meditation is a tool to access the cauldron of mindfulness emanating from one’s “private logic.” Mediation is one method that promotes the exclusion of the outside world and allows for a deeper recognition of one’s inside world; one's experience of living.


“Style-of-Life” is a term used in Adlerian Psychology and refers to one’s unique personality developed via genetic predispositions, experiences, choices and consequences. What an individual knows about one’s “self” is based on deeply established personal convictions residing in one’s “private logic.”


 Adlerian “Style-of-Life" Meditation is a meditative practice that has common elements with all meditation methods:


  • Peaceful environment

  • Dedicated time frame

  • Physical stretching

  • Comfortable posture

  • Eyes closed

  • Sensing one’s breathing – deep breathing

  • Clearing one’s mind – presence / sensations / gratitude

  • Mantra repetition – such as “relax . . . relax . . . relax . . . etc."

What makes Adlerian"Style-of-Life" Meditation unique is a sequential and meditative focus on:


  • History of thoughts, feelings and behavior

  • Current state of awareness; experience; and presence

  • Vision and choices moving forward; anticipated outcomes; goals;



Following a reasonable amount of time in your meditative state, return to current state of awareness. However, before you actively re-engage the stimulus of the world, summarize your session on a separate piece of paper or a note taking app. Do not consider what you've written before and do not review previous summaries. Address and write down the “felt” answers to the following questions:

  • “Who am I?”

  • “What do I do for others?”

  • “Who do I do this for?”

  • “How does this actually help them?”

  • “What have I observed about them as a result?”

  • What must I do to help them get even better results?


Record your answers to these questions without any conscious focus or consideration of previous answers.


Once a month, or so, review your notes and look for the “style-of-life” themes that run through the answers. Rate how your answers are in harmony with Connection, Cooperation or Contribution? Also, record any hints of Withdrawal, Domination or Entitlement.


(Detail descriptions for each - Click here)


“Two-points-of-a-line” now becomes multiple points of a line and your “themes” will represent your best estimate of the contents of your convictions residing in your “private logic” and your "Style-of-Life" patterns.


An interesting research paper related to Meditation and Adlerian Psychology can be found at:  Click here



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